Endor Introduces a New Dimension to Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis is such an important concept that very big establishments such as Fortune 500 companies and tech-giants are known to invest heavily towards it. The ability to predict future trends effectively helps both individuals and businesses make successful plans and robust decisions within the ecosystems where they belong.

So far, the existing systems that enable the acquisition of near accurate predictions involve having access to scarce and expensive data science PhDs, a model per prediction and expensive limited scale. These conditions make it almost impossible for individuals and smaller businesses with limited budgets to participate effectively.

What blockchain can do

The democratization that is made possible by the implementation of blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enabling Endor to provide the opportunity for individuals and businesses at all levels to enjoy the benefits of prediction. The Endor protocol affords the opportunity for users to ask predictive questions and get accurate predictions on a platform that is described as the “Google” for predictive analytics.

This solution is powered by MIT’s novel Social Physics technology and provides the first decentralized, trustless, censorship resistance behavioral prediction platform that provides high-quality results for any predictive question in minutes. No coding, data cleaning, or a team of PhDs required.

Something new in the industry

Unlike existing platforms like Argur and other decentralized platforms that provide prediction opportunities by using crowd wisdom, Endor operates by using science and data analytics, thereby providing automated, accurate, affordable AI predictions for individuals and businesses. Here, predictive insights are based on the collective analysis of the contributed data, offered at a low cost, while allowing data owners to control the privacy of their data.

Endor CEO, Yaniv Altshuler, is a researcher at the MIT Media Lab, at the Human Dynamics group headed by professor Alex Pentland who is also a co-founder. Prof. Alex invented Social Physics science. He is described as “one of the worlds 7 most powerful data scientists” by Forbes. A director of the MIT Media Lab,  Board member at Google, AT&T, Nissan, and leader of the World Economic Forum.

A totally new dimension

While at MIT, Endor co-founders developed Social Physics, a new AI science which breaks the paradigm. Instead of building a model per each predictive question, the protocol provides one social sphere of human behavior and ask unlimited predictive questions. This protocol will be powered by the EndorCoin utility token that will enable the automation and democratization of predictive science.


Therefore, this creation by Endor will enable individuals and small businesses access to Artificial Intelligence and machine learning capabilities that have hitherto been a reserve for deep-pocketed companies.

The Endorcoin protocol is fully-decentralized, providing complete accountability for the prediction results. This prevents any manipulation or bias during of the predictions. In addition, the decentralized and open nature of the protocol enables the support of any prediction, preventing censorship by any single point of authority.