MicroBT launches the M30S++ Bitcoin miner during the Online Launch Event and releases the new standard of the 3X era


With the continuous upgrading of market enthusiasm, in the expectation of customers and partners, WhatsMiner (MicroBT) launched the M30S++, which can achieve 112T at 31J/T and the M30S+, which can achieve 100T at 34J/T at WhatsMiner M30 Online Launch Event held on April 17 (Beijing time). WhatsMiner expanded the M30S series to three products with 3X J/T which leads the industry into the 3X era.

Next, WhatsMiner released the new standard of the 3X era: low power ratio, high stability and one-year warranty service. New standards have become an inevitable demand in the face of halving and the extension of the life cycle of mining rigs. The one-year warranty period, which first came out in the industry, not only implements the concept of customer first with practical actions, but also marks the confidence of WhatsMiner in its own products.

During the M30 launch event, Chen showed WhatsMiner’s great achievements over the last three years: In 2017, WhatsMiner launched the first generation of M1/M3 product which achieved sales of 90,000 units that year, accounting for 7.2% of the total Bitcoin hashrate network. In 2018, WhatsMiner achieved sales of 300,000 M3 units, accounting for 9% of the total Bitcoin hashrate network, and in 2019, the third-generation M20 series launched in May achieved explosive growth with annual sales of 600,000 units, accounting for 35% of the total Bitcoin hashrate network at the end of the year.

Each generations of products might be similar in appearance, but they are different inside from each other. The award ceremony of best partnership between Samsung and MicroBT (WhatsMiner) also made the best interpretation of this.

Subsequently, Vincent Zhang, the sales director of WhatsMiner, pointed that to be truly successful, M30 not only needs to surpass its competitors in technology, but also needs to truly bring value to customers in sales policy. There are five major rewards for M30 series: firstly, 12 levels of pricing; secondly, Futures insured; thirdly, deferred compensation; fourth, one-year warranty service; fifth, supporting the high-performance model.

2019 is a special year for WhatsMiner team (MicroBT). Although meeting the huge challenge, WhatsMiner had the hot sale of WhatsMiner M20 series products, which has finally achieved impressive results. Behind the difficulties and brilliance comes not only from technological leadership, but also from the support of WhatsMiner’s customers and partners. Guided by the concept of perfection and win-win principle, WhatsMiner based on integrity finally ushered in a leap in 2020. This change is from quantity to quality, described by Jordan Chen, the COO of WhatsMiner is the inevitable result of the company’s standardized and professional operation.

Vincent sincerely reminds customers that the official websites of WhatsMiner are www.microbt.com and www.whatsminer.com. They will be closer to customers and the market through the official websites, and strive to find a win-win solution with customers.