Morning Asian trading roundup: the leading altcoin is Icon

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A rising sun in Asia yielded some long awaited greenery on the crypto charts. This has been a sight for sore eyes after the past week of carnage. All altcoins are showing positive gains at last, Bitcoin leading the pack with a 15% rise in the past 24 hours. We can finally find a solid performing altcoin in the top 25 market cap charts, in fact there are several during this morning’s Asian trading session.

Icon has made the largest percentage gain according to Coinmarketcap with a 52% rise in the past 24 hours. ICX is currently trading at $4, up from $2.40 this time yesterday. It is still down on the week high of $8.60 but that is the case for all cryptocurrencies that have plummeted over the past month. The all-time high for this token came on Jan 10 and was $12.30 so it is still down two thirds from there.

Icon touts itself as the largest decentralized network in the world. Its grand aim is to interconnect various organizations including financial institutions, insurance companies, healthcare, and universities together. The ambitious South Korean project is laying the groundwork for an internet of blockchains, integrating existing societies into a decentralized world.

There was a recent conference in Seoul but it is likely that this altcoin is just enjoying the general upswing from a major dip in the market following weeks of bearish momentum. The majority of ICX is traded on Binance with over 90% of the total. It has a market capacity of $1.4 billion, a supply of 400 million tokens and a circulation of 381 million.

Other altcoins enjoying over 25% growth during Asian trading today are Neo, Nem, Monero, Lisk, VeChain, Populous, Nano and OmiseGo.

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