NetCents Crypto Credit Card to Help Increase Mainstream Adoption

Crypto Credit Card

NetCents cryptocurrency credit card will be accepted at 40 million merchant locations globally in an effort to directly compete with Visa and Mastercard. The company will also integrate its loyalty programme with its crypto credit cards to encourage and reward users for spending digital currencies.

NetCents Technology, a Canada-based payments processing company, has unveiled its new digital currency credit-card service — which will be operational in the domestic market by Q4 2018, and the European markets by early 2019. This service has been launched to make it extremely easy for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to spend their digital currency holdings.

NetCents will employ its Instant Settlement technology to convert crypto holdings into fiat instantly. Cardholders will thus benefit from a real-time facility for purchases and merchant payouts. NetCents card doesn’t require pre-loading of digital currencies to eliminate the risks of crypto-price fluctuations between loading and spending. At any given time, cardholders can spend any three NetCents supported digital currencies.

NetCents customers can also link their crypto credit cards directly with their native wallets for the seamless spending of their digital currency wallet holdings. Users can also connect the card with the NetCents mobile application. The crypto credit card will feature a pin, chip, magnetic stripe and NFC functionality.