Predicted 2018 Cryptocurrency Prices: Major Gains for Cardano and Dogecoin

Predicting the future price of cryptocurrencies is rather complicated. With so many different factors to keep in mind, accurate predictions are rather rare. That being said, a group of panelists recently discussed some of the top cryptocurrencies for 2018. The results are pretty interesting, as the “big winner” is not the altcoin you might think.

Cryptocurrency Prices in 2018

The opinions on cryptocurrency prices are always interesting to keep an eye on. So far, the overall market sentiment appears to be pretty bearish, but things are always changing. According to a team of panelists, 2018 will be pretty good for Bitcoin later this year. They see the price per BTC rise to as high as $29,533, which is a nice increase compared to right now. Even though that is a 184.31% increase compared to right now, such gains are not impossible where cryptocurrency prices are concerned.

Although we see similar trends for most other currencies as well, not every coin will perform as well. Cryptocurrency prices fluctuate quite a bit, and so will their gains accordingly. Bitcoin Cash, for example, is set to gain as much as 116.41% by late December 2018. If that prediction holds true, the price will surge to $2,721. Not the value most BCH supporters are hoping for, but it would be a solid start.

Ethereum, on the other hand, will face a fairly difficult year, all things considered. Although the panelists see its price rise to $2,550, it’s not much “better” than Bitcoin whatsoever. It seems both of these currencies will remain linked together for some time to come. Whether or not that is good or bad for other cryptocurrency prices, has yet to be determined.  It does appear some of the altcoins will effectively decouple themselves from Bitcoin and the likes, though.

The Rise of Cardano and Dogecoin

When looking at all of the predicted cryptocurrency prices, it is evident the panelists have high hopes for two specific coins. Cardano will see a meteoric rise in value, surging by nearly 600% by the end of this year according to predictions. That would put the Cardano price at just over $2.33, which almost seems impossible to achieve right now.

Ripple’s XRP is set to undergo a wild ride as well. With a prediction of $6.13 by the end of the year, there is still a long way to go for this digital asset. It would represent a 541.34% increase compared to the current price. This is by far one of the boldest estimated cryptocurrency prices, but it is not entirely unfeasible. We saw wild growth late last year, and 2018 may bring us more of the same.

According to the panelists the biggest gainer of them all, however, will be Dogecoin. Many people consider Dogecoin to be a joke currency, as it was never designed to be taken all that seriously. Even so, the Dogecoin price is estimated to rise to a whopping 19 cents. Compared to the current price, that is a near 3,000% increase over the next nine and a half months. A bold prediction, although few people actually invest in this altcoin. All of these estimated cryptocurrency prices are pretty intriguing, although it remains to be seen which will come true.