Zunda Horizon Anime Collectibles Come to the Blockchain

Finding new use cases for blockchain technology will always remain a challenge. For CryptoAnime, it seems the options are rather clear. Their latest venture brings Zunda Horizon anime collectibles to the blockchain through a new partnership with Zunda World Partners. A remarkable venture, and one that also has a charity angle to it.

A New Type of Zunda Horizon Collectibles

Fans of the Zunda Horizon anime will be quite pleased with this new development. This series is Japan’s 4th most popular showing at the Tokyo Anime Award Festival. As is the case with any popular anime, merchandise will show up eventually. For the CryptoAnime team, this introduces a golden opportunity to highlight the potential of blockchain technology.

A collaboration between the two firms will result in a remarkable product. More specifically, Zunda Horizon-inspired artworks will be coming to the blockchain. Fans can purchase these digital collectibles, with every piece being unique and one-of-a-kind. Every collectible sold through the CryptoAnime platform will help fund the Tohoku Tsunami relief effort. A noble gesture by all parties involved, all of which is made possible thanks to blockchain.

The unique Zunda Horizon digital artworks recorded on the blockchain can be traded and sold like physical goods. Every creation has its own stamp of authenticity and record of ownership. Buyers can list their names on the Zunda Horizon studio’s website if they prefer that option. For fans, this is a way to invest in unique Zunda Horizon collectibles and support a good cause at the same time.

The Rise of Blockchain-based Collectibles

For CryptoAnime, this is a big breakthrough. Although the company has focused on the popular anime industry for a while now, this is by far their biggest partnership. The company looks to offer the benefit of decentralization to content creators around the world. Dedicated digital collectibles are a great way to start in this regard. Zunda Horizon Executive Producer Hiroaki Takeuchi adds:

“Zunda Horizon is a combination of Tohoku culture, the finest Japanese animation craft, and innovative technology. When we learned about Blockchain from CryptoAnime there was complete alignment on this ground-breaking concept. We are very excited to bring a new global audience to Tohoku Zunko!”

Over the past few months, there have been numerous projects offering unique collectibles through blockchain technology. While they are not linked to anime or any existing product, they are still successful. CryptoKitties is one recent example. The project revolves around buying unique blockchain-based cats and make them breed to create offspring. These assets can also be traded and sold accordingly or kept as an investment.